Jared Shaw - Lead Researcher/Founder

A seasoned recruiter and analytics guru he's been at the forefront of recruiting technology for over 10 years.  Recruiting starts with understanding your candidates, where they are and what they want, Jared is the guy who can tell you that. 


Lin Snow - Researcher

Lin is a graduate of SFU, with a degree in Psychololgy and a high degree of internet savvy, the perfect recipe for our business.   Lin leads many of our client research projects and is well versed in candidate discovery.


Thorsten Drobnik - Developer

A senior software engineer with a comp sci degree.Thorsten practices Agile,development of SaaS, Enterprise, and Internet applications using Perl, Perl Catalyst, JQuery and related frameworks.
Thorsten has built in excess of 1000 custom website in his career and authored 20 applications for Germany’s answer to Facebook, Urbia.de


Ezra Morse- Developer

An extremely experienced Javascript developer and CompSci (Hons) graduate from Washington & Lee University in Virginia. He's a node specialist and by definition can take a concept from whiteboard to MVP in short order.  He is competent in both front and backend development.  He also has a love for UI and likes to create dynamic and living interfaces especially when it utilizes big data.