Growth Hack: Remove the free trial from your apps cheapest price tier.

The last time you signed up to try a new app or service think about which planned you picked.   You probably picked the cheapest plan or tier available........even if EVERY plan had a free trial. Why did you do that?  The cheapest plan is usually missing all the good stuff and cool features in the pricier tiers, so didn't you just cheat yourself out of a better experience with that app?  

Actually you didn't,  it was the developer that just cheated you out of a better experience with his app by offering free trials on all his plans. 

Because new users have no experience with your app they can't assign a monetary value to it, so they default to the cheapest price you offer.  So how do we thwart this natural tendency? 

Remove the free trial from your bottom tier and make it a buy now!

In any of my experience with companies that have done this, not one of them have suffered adversely from this practice, in fact it's been the opposite.  Because the customer's first experience with our app is on one of our better plans they enjoy it more and value it higher.  

Want to see this in action?  Check out Zendesks pricing page.