My review of Quickmail, the best damn email automation system I have ever used.

Over the last year I've tested 7 different email automation programs for different business development teams.   Some were good, some sucked, some over-promised and under delivered but here's the one I liked best. 

Developed by an awesome dev named Jeremy Chatelaine in Switzerland, this program does what many other email systems twice the price promise but don't. 


  • Email using your Gmail Account.
  • Track Open Rates (more reliably than other systems based on my testing)
  • Create email sequences and follow ups that change based on the recipients actions. (LOVE THIS!)
  • Personalize emails with tags that import first names, titles etc. 
  • Split testing functionality baked right in. 
  • Import prospect lists from Google Sheets. 
  • Automatically poles a selected Gdoc for new prospects and adds them.
  • Tracks click rates on links in your emails. 
  • Track reply rates. 
  • Advanced email scheduling and send times. 

By far though the greatest feature about this system is the fact that it tracks open rates far more accurately than the other systems.  For example, when you email a prospect and get an out of office response or bounced address other systems track it as an open, not Quickmail.  

As digital marketers we need solid data to work with when A/B testing offers and scripts and to date the best email system I have found is